Well it’s been awhile! I’m typing this from an isolation hotel in Taiwan so given I’ve got 14 days here, well about 10 left I have some time on my hands to catch up with a few things, my website being one of them. What’s happened photographically since my last post over 18 months ago? More of the same really. When I last wrote I was booked on a day out with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey. Well that never happened. There was some sort of inter-photo tour politics and it got cancelled. Well actually it wasn’t cancelled, however they were no longer taking theRead More →

After my failure with the PAGB my wife joked that she’d pay for me to have lessons so I could learn how to take a decent picture.  Then whilst away with work I started thinking about it a bit more.   In general and as I’ve mentioned before I’m fundamentally tight.  I’m also a little skeptical, maybe wrongly, of the quality of a lot of people offering photography tours and workshops.  Anyway after some very brief  consideration I’ve booked a day in London with two well respected photographers, Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery.  They are both very well known internationally for abstract takes on scenesRead More →

So since getting the site running I’ve been to Dubai where I did very little photography, much less than I’d intended. ¬†Then came home and enjoyed Christmas and a couple of quite successful photographic early mornings in Plymouth. One down at Saltash Passage and one on the Hoe for storm Elenor. A couple of Dubai architecture shots that I was happy with and a few of the Tamar Bridges are in my new, New(ish) Pics section. ¬†Happy New Year!Read More →