Whitsand Bay from Tregantle Beach

After my failure with the PAGB my wife joked that she’d pay for me to have lessons so I could learn how to take a decent picture.  Then whilst away with work I started thinking about it a bit more.  

In general and as I’ve mentioned before I’m fundamentally tight.  I’m also a little skeptical, maybe wrongly, of the quality of a lot of people offering photography tours and workshops.  Anyway after some very brief  consideration I’ve booked a day in London with two well respected photographers, Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery.  They are both very well known internationally for abstract takes on scenes and in particular ICM and ME.  Now this isn’t everyones cup of tea.  But I like some of it and hopefully they will give an insight into their thought processes and workflows.  I’m hoping for a lot more than a scattergun approach to this that seems to be quite prevalent.  Although by it’s nature it does seem to involve quite a bit of hit and hope.

Frequency of the Beach

Now I’ve dabbled with this sort of thing a bit and whilst I usually use Youtube or Google I think chatting with two people at the forefront of this type of technique will be very worthwhile, possibly inspirational.  Plus I get to spend the entire day taking pics!  It should be interesting, fun and informative.  Links to their own sites are below for anyone that’s interested.

Ebb Flow Mono



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