View from my hotel window whilst in quarantine in Taipei, Taiwan.

Well it’s been awhile! I’m typing this from an isolation hotel in Taiwan so given I’ve got 14 days here, well about 10 left I have some time on my hands to catch up with a few things, my website being one of them.

What’s happened photographically since my last post over 18 months ago? More of the same really. When I last wrote I was booked on a day out with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey. Well that never happened. There was some sort of inter-photo tour politics and it got cancelled. Well actually it wasn’t cancelled, however they were no longer taking the tour. At the time they were starting their own tours and this was going to be their last with Light and Land. However, L & L decided to run the course with Charlie Waite and Benedict Brain instead. Now whilst they are great photographers neither of them really appeared to have much abstract stuff in their portfolios so I felt they were being more (albeit very talented) photo tour journeymen. More importantly I didn’t think they could explain the processing and thought processes behind Doug and Valda’s workflow to end image. Anyway L & L very swiftly refunded me. The short of it is I remain untrained.

I mustn’t be too harsh about L & L as the only other recent development is that I’ve entered into this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year. If you have never heard about it the main things to know are it is the biggest and most widely respected landscape competition in the UK and it is Charlie Waite’s baby. Why I entered this exercise in futility is beyond me. Well apart from a daydream that I win it. I’d be happy with one or two shortlisted, one in the book would be amazeballs. The reality is there is probably close to 20,000 entries for I guess 100 pics in the book. So the odds are pretty poor before you look at the quality of the entries. I will do a post sometime explaining a little more about it along with my entries.

So that’s it we’re all caught up.

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